Your solution for industrial projects on the Gold Coast.

Over that last 10 years our expert painters have delivered high quality results on industrial buildings around the Gold Coast. Whether the external wall of a large warehouse, or the interior surfaces of a factory, there is no wall too large for the SNB team. With more than 50 years combined experience in painting and decorating our we have the expertise and experience to produce quality finishes that will protect and maintain industrial surfaces including steel, wood and concrete for years to come.

Brighten, protect and prevent damage for years to come

Not only can our painters reduce wear and corrosion, increasing fire resistance and reducing safety hazards of your industrial site, but our professional paintwork creates impact and increases the visual appeal of your building. Give us a call and let us bring your industrial projects to life.

If you have a particular industrial project in mind we would love to hear all about it. Simply fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page. We would be excited to have a chat about your projects and give you a no-obligation free quote.

Give us a call today on 0439 643 200 and tell us about your industrial projects.

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